Early Childhood Education (State Short Certificate) - School Age Care

Certificate of Specialization (COS)

Early Childhood Education (State Short Certificate) - School Age Care

About The Program

LCC ‘s State Short Early Childhood Education Certificate of Specialization-School Age Care program provides the coursework for students to achieve level 6 on the Career Lattice. Built with Common Courses and Common Core Competencies, this certificate will transfer in and transfer to other community colleges in a seamless manner. Employees achieving this certificate will assist their centers in the Early Achievers Rating system. Students entering the Early Childhood Education Program must show evidence of a current TB test and obtain a cleared Portable Background check through Washington State Dept of Early Learning MERIT System. 


Certificate Requirements

ECED& 105 Intro to Early Childhood Education 5
ECED& 107 Health/Safety/Nutrition 5
ECED& 120 Practicum-Nurturing Relationships 2
EDUC& 115 Child Development 5
EDUC& 136 School Age Care 3

Diversity and Distribution Lists are available in the Lower Columbia College Catalog located at

Total credits required to earn this certificate: 20

Students completing this program should acquire the following skills and abilities:

  • Create and maintain a safe and healthy environment for young children.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how children differ in their development and approaches to learning and use this knowledge to provide opportunities supporting physical, social, emotional, and cognitive growth.
  • Develop relationships with children enhancing children’s self-esteem, social-emotional development, and problem-solving skills.
Revised January 2015 (Effective Fall 2015)


Consult an advisor if you have any questions.

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