Refresh your Mind!

Refresh your Mind


  Red Devil Wellbeing: Refresh your Mind!

Improve your outlook on life, enhance your relationships with others, stimulate your mind and reduce your stress.

Free Meditation

Did you know that Kaiser offers free guided meditation? Check out their website to choose a meditation that fits your lifestyle and needs!

Counseling through the LCC EAP Program

We understand that COVID has increased anxiety and depression for many. Receive 3 free counseling sessions through our EAP program. Whether you want to talk to someone local or use a telehealth service like BetterHelp, there is something for everyone. Learn more on our EAP website.

Calm Together

These challenging times remind us that it’s never enough to just look after ourselves. We must look after each other too. This is what it means to Calm Together.

In that spirit, the company Calm handpicked some of their favorite meditations, sleep stories, movement exercises, journals, and music. All of the resources on the page are free to use, and to share.

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New Year, New Habits Challenge

Complete a healthy habit once per day to start the new year! Turn in the pdf calendar completed by February 4th to for the chance to win a fun prize!

Target Audience: Everyone

Faculty & Staff

Basics of Managing Records (Youtube Video)

This session gives all state and local government employees a quick overview of how to manage the records (electronic and paper) that they create and receive each day. It covers:

1.What is a public record?
2.How long do records need to be kept?
3.What can be destroyed and what goes to the State Archives?
4.How can Washington State Archives help your agency?
5.Where can I learn more about managing records?

This webinar also satisfies the records retention portion of Open Government Trainings Act requirements for Elected/Appointed Officials, Public Records Officers, and Records Officers/Managers.

Target Audience: Faculty & Staff

Refresh your Mind

Refresh your Mind!

Improve your outlook on life.
Enhance your relationships with others.
Stimulate your mind.
Reduce your stress!

Pay-it-forward Card Program!

Send your peers a pay-it-forward card to recognize them for their strengths and hard work! Contact HR for cards.


Magna & Mentor Commons!

Professional development is at your fingertips! Learn more about how to access free online webinars!

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