Ashley Hall

Ashley Hall

Class of 2017

“In college you get to branch out, prepare for your own future, and not do what everyone else is doing. It sets you up for success!” — Ashley Hall.

Ashley Hall, LCC Class of 2017

Math Achievement Center Staff, Lower Columbia College

"In high school everyone takes the same classes, but in college you get to branch out. You get to prepare for your own future and not do what everyone else is doing. Because you get to choose your own classes, the path at LCC is very individualized. It really sets you up for success.” — Ashley Hall

Ashley's Mom (Wendy Hall)

“Participating in Running Start lit an intellectual spark in my daughter that just wasn't possible at her high school. While attending LCC, she developed a deep appreciation for theoretical mathematics and discovered a potential career path. She was also able to get nearly two years of work experience through a job on campus. By the time she finishes her four-year degree at a university, we will have saved over $40,000.” — Wendy Hall

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