Gym & Fitness Center: Rock Climbing Wall
Rock Climbing Wall
Rock Climbing Wall

Are you a rock climbing enthusiast? We have bouldering, climbing training, family climbs, and more!

If you are a current gym member you can access the climbing wall for top rope climbing and bouldering at no extra cost.

If you do not have a current gym membership, you may purchase a day pass for $12, or a climbing wall membership for ninety days, or annually.

Climbing Opportunities

Top Rope Climbing

What is it? Vertical climbing above the 10-foot bouldering line while tied to a safety harness. Top rope climbing can be done only during Top Rope Climbing hours with the assistance of a certified belayer. Inquire at the Fitness Center counter. Climbing gear provided.


What is it? Vertical and horizontal climbing beneath the 10-foot bouldering line. Bouldering can be done during regular Fitness Center hours. Inquire at the Fitness Center counter. Climbing gear provided.


What is it? A variety of techniques used to exert tension on the climbing rope being used to keep a climber safe from harm by preventing them from falling. Every top rope climber must have a certified belayer.

Belay Certification Course

Belay passes are available by taking a belay certification course from the Fitness Center for $25.This course teaches the safety and skills necessary to belay other climbers. Inquire at the Fitness Center counter. Course limited to four people per course. Day pass or current membership required, in addition to course fee. Option: enroll in for credit Rock Climbing class (PHED 155), see below.

Once you are belay certified you can assist other top rope climbers. Climbers often obtain belay passes together so they can provide belay assistance to each other.

Group Rentals

Rentals by appointment only. Schedule a group rental for birthday parties, businesses, athletics, boy/girl scouts, etc. Rates based on time and number of belay staff needed.

Community Classes

LCC provides opportunities for adult climbing classes.

Full and part-time students are already members!

Red Devils Athletics

Official LCC Athletics site.

  Current Hours of Operation

Fitness Center

Monday - Friday
6 am - 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday

Bouldering permitted during Fitness Center hours.

Juice Bar

Monday - Friday
6 am - 6 pm
Saturday and Sunday

Top Rope Climbing

Monday - Friday
For eligible members only and by appointment
call 360-442-2245 for reservations

Myklebust Gym

Monday - Friday 11 am - 2 pm (when not being used by athletic teams)
Sat/Sun closed

Climbers must prove competence at any time under Fitness Center Manager request, to ensure necessary skills have not been lost over time. If climber proves incompetent, Fitness Center Manager may revoke climbing privileges.

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