Roxanne Frasier


Roxanne Frasier

Roxanne Frasier

LCC Class of 2018: Accounting

There were times when I was overwhelmed and didn't know what to do, but everyone made time for me. Everyone at LCC was really helpful.


Roxanne Frasier pleaded with her advisor to waive her Humanities distribution requirement. The request was denied, so she signed up for ceramics

As a hard-working mom in a blended family of seven, Roxanne Frasier has a lot on her plate. She left college years ago to take on other responsibilities, but always hoped to finish her degree one day. She finally saw an opportunity in August 2015 and enrolled at LCC.

Between her job as office manager for a construction company and family activities, Roxanne had some juggling to do to fit college into her schedule. She credits her support system and the people at LCC with helping her succeed.

“There were times when I was overwhelmed and didn't know what to do, but everyone made time for me. Everyone at LCC was really helpful. Every single instructor was wonderful,” — she said.

Roxanne finished her Associate in Applied Science-Accounting Technician degree in winter quarter. She is the recipient of a 2018 Scholastic Achievement Award, an honor reserved for the highest achieving students each year based on grades and academic rigor.

She also received the 2018 Outstanding Accounting Technician Student of the Year Award, selected by Business & Information Technology faculty.

“Roxanne is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She demonstrates leadership, enthusiasm, and professionalism. She is highly regard by her peers for her willingness to help others,” — Jim Stanley, her advisor and accounting faculty member at LCC.

Roxanne intends to stay on with her current employer, who gave her the opportunity to go to school and supported her throughout the process.

“The skills I learned at LCC have helped me with my job. There's a lot more I can do now than before I enrolled,” — Roxanne Frasier.

Although she's completed her degree, Roxanne isn't finished with LCC yet. Even though she begged her advisor to let her skip the humanities degree requirement, the request was denied and she ended up in a ceramics class.

“I fell in love with it, and now I can't stop doing it. My husband is even building me a ceramics studio at home,” — she said.

Roxanne is also planning to enroll in another ceramics class at LCC in the fall, because she enjoys the group interaction with, as she fondly describes them, “my people.”

Roxanne plans to start helping at the Tutoring Center in the fall as well.

“I had an amazing support system at LCC, my own cheerleaders. Not every college student has that, and I want to help provide that support for others,” — Roxanne Frasier.

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