Lower Columbia College students and families who had tuition and other college-related expenses may be eligible to claim the American Opportunity Tax Credit (formerly Hope Credit), when they prepare their federal income tax return.

1098-T Forms

1098-T forms are used to report information on what you paid in tuition expenses by colleges and/or universities you attended in the previous calendar year. All colleges and universities are required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to provide you with this information, which you (or someone who can claim you as a dependent) may use in conjunction with a tax return.

To grant LCC access to provide you with the information electronically, log in to your ctcLink account. From the "Financial Account" tile, select "1098T," then "View 1098-T." Under "Grant Consent," select yes or no, then hit submit. If you don't grant consent for electronic access, you won't be able to retrieve your information online. If you say no or don't grant access, LCC will send you a paper copy in the mail early in the year to the address we have on file, in accordance with IRS requirements.

IRS Links

IRS Tax Notice
American Opportunity replaces a similar tax credit provision called the Hope credit. The new credit of up $2,500 for tuition and eligible college expenses is higher than under the Hope provision. In addition, tax filers may now claim expenses incurred during the first four years of their postsecondary education rather than only the first two.

Depending on individual circumstances, the American Opportunity Tax Credit may not be the most advantageous tax option for all families with higher education expenses.

Tax Credit Phone Line
Students with questions can call LCC's American Opportunity Tax Credit phone line at (360) 442-2920.

Please leave a detailed message. Calls are returned the next business day.

(January 17 - April 15).