MyMathLab (also known as MyLabsPlus) helps students master key mathematics concepts and improve results, so they can focus on the topics they need to practice most.

MyMath Lab is a required component for many of LCC's math courses. MyMathLab provides you with an electronic textbook, online homework assignments, practice texts, videos, animations and more!

Login to MyMathLab

  • Username: your student ID (example: 900123456) no dashes
  • Password: your birthday - YYMMDD (example: January 22, 1995 is 950122)

Password not working?

  • If you manually reset your password for MyMathLab, it will automatically reset to your birthday within 24 hours.
  • If your birthday in YYMMDD format isn't working as your password, contact eLearning by calling (360) 442-2520 or emailing


printable instructions


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