Information about the Financial Aid Portal

“Get the latest updates and status of your financial aid application. The Portal is available 24/7, for your convenience. Please check it often!”

Login to the Financial Aid Portal

How to Login to the Portal:

You Need

  • Social Security Number
  • Global PIN issued by Registration

Your initial Global PIN is your birth date in (mmddyy) format. For example, a student born on January 9, 1985 should enter 010985.

You may change your Global PIN

If you change your Global PIN to a 4-digit number, you need to add a zero at the beginning. For example: 1234 should be entered as 01234.

Global PIN changes will not update in the Portal until that evening when the synchronization runs to match the Global PIN to the Financial Aid Password.

What's in the Portal?

Documents you need to submit, or have already submitted.

Messages from the Financial Aid Office.

Loan disbursements.

Your financial aid award.

The amount of your financial aid check after tuition and fees have been paid.

The dollar amount of your check will post in the column titled 'Additional Info'. If the dollar amount displays all zeros, contact The Financial Aid office.

If the Portal tells you to submit documents for verification, you may be able to avoid requesting your IRS tax transcript by logging back into your FAFSA and following instructions to import your tax data from the IRS.

Contact Financial Aid

The Financial Aid Office is conveniently located in the Admissions Center. Financial Aid counters open at 10 am on Fridays.

 Financial Aid Office

Fax: 360.442.2379


Mon - Thur: 8 am - 5 pm*
Fri: 10 am - 5 pm

*Student aides staff the front counter every Wed. from 8 - 11 am and 2 - 5 pm.

Closed on Fridays during summer session (July/Aug).


Use LCC School Code 003782 when completing the FAFSA.

Computers available in the Admissions Center.

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