What are Federal Direct Loans?

Loans are available to students enrolled at least half-time (6 or more credits per quarter) who meet all other eligibility requirements. Students must begin this process by completing the Master Promissory Note and the Loan Entrance counseling on www.studentloans.gov. After completing these steps, students may accept the loan amount they are wanting to use in their ctcLink account.

Students with financial need are offered Subsidized Direct Student Loans, up to the annual maximum eligibility amount (see below). All students, regardless of financial need, who meet all other eligibility requirements and who are enrolled in at least 6 credits in one or more quarters, are also offered Unsubsidized Direct Student Loans (see amounts below). Unsubsidized loans begin to accrue interest from the day they are disbursed. Note that these amounts are for the entire academic year. Note that if a student is taking loans for one quarter only during an academic year, the loan amount must be split into two amounts, one to be awarded after the midpoint of the quarter.

Interested in taking out student loans?

The following steps are required to accept student loans. Entrance counseling and Master promissory note are verified electronically and are not required to be turned in by the student.

  1. Master Promissory note (completed online, once for each school every ten years)
  2. Entrance counseling (completed online, only required once).
  3. Complete any iGrad education course. All students must complete an iGrads’s education course each time a loan is requested or revised.
    • Please go to www.igrad.com/schools/LCC and either sign up or sign into your previously created account. Once signed in, click courses.
    • You will then complete any of the iGrad’s courses that you have not previously completed.
    • When completed, save and attach the certificate and submit it with your loan request form.
  1. Complete and submit the Loan worksheet web form found here: LCC Direct Loan Worksheet. Attach the iGrad course completion certificate you completed in step 1 in the iGrad attachment box. For any questions, please contact the One Stop Center in person in the Admissions Building or by phone at 360-442-2322.
  2. Accept or reduce the loan amount for each quarter, in ctcLink, after being awarded:
    • Check out how to accept loans in ctcLink.
    • The award shows loans that you COULD qualify for. Accepting the loans is an application that goes through a review/approval by the Department of Education (DOE). 
    • The DOE requires that all first-time borrowers are subject to a 30-day delay on loan disbursements. Loan checks will be issued no earlier than 30 days after your first quarter's classes begin.
    • All one quarter loans are also required by the DOE to be disbursed in two installments with the second installment at the mid-quarter point of the quarter.
  3. Make sure you are registered for at least 6 credits, which is the minimum amount to qualify for loans.
    • You can check your class schedule by logging into ctcLink, and clicking in the "Manage Classes" tile.

Please review the Financial Aid Handbook for additional details.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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