Policy 230 - Compensation

Policy 230 - Compensation

Lower Columbia College is committed to recruiting and retaining globally competent, highly qualified faculty and staff at all levels of the organization. Externally competitive and internally consistent reward systems, including salary and benefit structures and non-fiscal reward programs, shall be developed and maintained by administration. Compensation administration shall be objective and non-discriminatory in theory, application and practice.

Historic Information

  • Reviewed by Executive Leadership Team 6-19-19
  • Adopted 2-23-09
  • Replaces policies 308 and 310 approved October 1989


Resource/Reference/Procedure Title Unit Responsibility
Procedure 230.1A: Mandatory Direct Deposit    VP of HR and Legal Affairs
Faculty Contract   VP of HR and Legal Affairs
Washington Federation of State Employees collective bargaining agreement    
Administrative and Exempt Handbook    
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