Section 215 - Selection of Personnel

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Section 215 - Selection of Personnel

Lower Columbia College shall consistently adhere to merit-based personnel selection and appointment standards that ensure excellence in all phases of district operations, satisfy the standards of regional and national accrediting organizations, comply with federal and state laws, affirm and promote diversity, and provide for a globally competent, highly qualified faculty and staff who represent a wide range of educational and professional experience.


Historic Information:

  • Reviewed and Approved by the ELT on 5-15-19
  • Adopted 2-23-09
  • Replaces policy 303.3-303.4 adopted October 198


Resource/Reference/Procedure Title Unit Responsibility
Recruitment Procedure Procedure for Recruitment and Selection of Lower Columbia College Administrator, Exempt, Classified and Faculty Positions (Full-time) VP of HR and Legal Affairs
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