Section 220 - Diversity & Equity

Section 220 - Diversity & Equity

Lower Columbia College celebrates and embraces diversity of all kinds, including differing beliefs, cultures, people, and experiences. We commit to institutional and individual changes that recognize, understand, and challenge patterns of social inequity and systemic disparities within our ever-changing world. As part of this commitment, we strive to strengthen practices involving student success, cultural enrichment, diversity education, curricular design, and employee development. We are dedicated to promoting an accessible, inclusive, and safe environment that fosters cultural competency, educational equity, and social justice for all students, staff, faculty, and our local and global communities.

Lower Columbia College’s commitment to diversity shall be consistently reflected in its policies, procedures, and faculty/staff professional development efforts to ensure that LCC fosters awareness and understanding of social justice, equity, and inclusion.     

Faculty and staff recruitment and hiring procedures shall include processes and outreach efforts designed to enhance the success of applicants from under-represented groups and communities with the objective that full and part-time faculty, classified and exempt staff will reflect the diversity that exists in the communities and the students we serve. Lower Columbia College shall adopt practices that enhance the retention and success of employees and students, particularly those who are new to LCC, or from under-represented groups and communities.

  •  Adopted 11-6-19

Historic Information:

  • Adopted 2-23-09

  • Replaces policy 303.1 approved October 1989


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LCC Diversity & Equity Webpage
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