Section 253 - Protecting Personal/Confidential Information

Lower Columbia College will protect personal (confidential) information, as defined by RCW 48.02.065, entrusted to it to the maximum extent possible.

Collection, release and retention of confidential information shall be minimized. The College shall critically assess its need for information from employees and will request only that information necessary to carry out its mission. The College will guard the personal information entrusted to it, releasing it only under statutory or court order. Employees shall be notified of any court order for release of their confidential information so they may, if desired, exercise their privilege to object to the disclosure.

Copies of confidential information will be controlled. The commitment to safeguarding confidential information extends to discouraging the routine forwarding of e-mails containing confidential information and, when appropriate to forward, protecting it properly.

The College will not sell or give confidential information to any unauthorized entity. This includes a prohibition against selling or giving of any lists of employees or members for marketing or campaign purposes.

Employees shall be given opportunities to review and correct their personal information held by the College. Employees may contact Human Resource Services to view their personal information.

As a condition of employment, employees shall provide their social security card upon hire. The College will collect and track information using an Employee Identification Number.

Per WAC 132M-110, paperwork containing personal information will be disposed of by on-premises shredding or placement in secured containers for the purpose of shredding.

Historic Information

  • Reviewed by Executive Leadership Team 6-19-19 with the recommendation that HR perform a more in-depth review
  • Adopted 2-28-11
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