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Earth Science

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ERSI 104Introduction to Earth Sciences5 CR NSLF

Provides a comprehensive picture of Earth and its unique place in the universe by examining major concepts from geology, oceanography, meteorology, and astronomy. Topics include Earth-Sun relationships, plate tectonics, rock cycle, evolution of stars, composition and structure of atmosphere, hydrosphere, and lithosphere, characteristics of oceans, solar systems, and stars.

Prerequisite: None

ERSI 105Earth Systems5 CR NSLF, W, Sp

Presents a holistic view of Earth (our environments) as a system with emphasis on understanding the relationships of humans, atmosphere, hydrosphere, solid Earth, and biosphere. Major concepts are drawn from astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, geography, geology, biology, and ecology. Human's part, effects, and relationships within the global ecosystem and Earth Systems are analyzed, as well as our dependence and interconnections with natural resources. Includes lab.

Prerequisite: None

ERSI 109Energy and Our Planet: Earth Sciences5 CR NSL

Earth science is an explanation of the earth system and the energy that powers its subsystems. Concepts are from astronomy, meteorology, oceanography, geology, physical geography and ecology. Students will gain an understanding of the natural world and science, as well as develop skills to apply and teach how scientific principles apply to everyday life. Intended primarily for elementary education and early childhood education majors. Part of a three quarter sequence; students are not required to take entire sequence. Includes lab.

Prerequisite: None.

ERSI 288Cooperative Work Experience1 CR - 15 CR

Provides work-based learning experience in a specific program of study. Individualized student outcomes are developed, focusing on behaviors that contribute to workplace success.

Prerequisites: Instructor or Cooperative Education Coordinator permission Concurrent requirements: COLL 289 or BTEC 294 or BUS 294 or IT 294 must be taken prior to or concurrent with this course.

ERSI 299Independent Study1 CR - 10 CR

Offers individualized learning opportunities for knowledge or skill development. Content and expectations are established between the student and instructor, and documented in an Independent Study contract.

Prerequisites: By instructor permission only.

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