High School Programs

Career Education Options (CEO)

In cooperation with area high schools, CEO serves students aged 16 to 21 seeking to complete their high school diploma. Students that are not currently enrolled in high school, are behind in credits and won't graduate on time, or those not thriving in the traditional high school environment are eligible to enroll in CEO with a release from their school district. Students complete high school courses in a self-paced, lab environment. Some courses are delivered through direct instruction. We offer text-book based, pencil and paper courses, as well as online options. Instructors are available to assist every step of the way. Hours are flexible to accommodate student schedules and needs. Students that meet eligibility can also begin work on a certificate or college degree while applying those same classes to their high school requirements. Tuition, books, and supplies, tutoring and individual career guidance are provided at no cost. See below for contact and other important information.

Phone number: (360) 442-2691
Webpage: lowercolumbia.edu/ceo
Located in the Physical Science 106 (PSC 106)

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

You may have already earned college credit by completing Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses at your high school. Career and Technical Education credits provide a seamless pathway between articulated high school CTE classes and LCC professional/technical programs. See below for contact and other important information.

Phone number: (360) 442-2610
Webpage: lowercolumbia.edu/cte
Located in the Admissions Center (ADC)

College in the High School (CHS)

The LCC College in the High School program is a cooperative program between local school districts and LCC. The program allows high school students the opportunity to earn LCC college credit while simultaneously earning high school credit for approved advanced high school courses. The courses are taught by high school teachers who work closely with LCC faculty partners to ensure the course is equivalent to a similar course taught on campus.

Phone number: (360) 442-2372
Webpage: lowercolumbia.edu/chs
Located in the Admissions Center (ADC)

General Education Development (GED)

Lower Columbia College is an official GED testing center. Adults who did not finish high school may earn high school credentials by taking this series of four tests. Practice and instruction is available to help you prepare for the GED test through Transitional Studies. See below for contact and other important information.


Phone number: (360) 442-2360
Webpage: lowercolumbia.edu/ged
Located in the Main Building (MAN)

Instruction (Adult Basic Education):

Phone number: (360) 442-2580
Webpage: lowercolumbia.edu/transitional/abe
Located in the Vocational Building (VOC)

High School+

Students who want to finish, or earn, a Washington State High School Diploma and prepare for college or career conveniently and affordably, enroll in the High School+ program.

Tailored for adults with busy schedules, High School+ credit bearing classes are available morning, afternoon, and evening.

Different than traditional high school completion programs, High School+:

  • awards credit for prior learning achieved through work, life, and military experience
  • awards credit for previous high school and college transcripts
  • offers a diploma that is more accepted by the military than other equivalency options
  • opens the door to federal financial aid for college
  • helps to develop or refresh the knowledge and skills required for college-level classes
  • helps students prepare for college entrance exams

Students must demonstrate competency in English and math in the context of required subjects including science, history, government, occupational education, health and fine arts. Tuition is just $25 per quarter. Financial assistance is available for those who need it. See below for contact and other important information.

Phone number: (360) 442-2580
Webpage: lowercolumbia.edu/transitional/hs-plus
Located in Vocational 159 (VOC 159)

Open Doors

Open Doors is a youth re-engagement system that provides education and services to older youth, ages 16-21, who have dropped out of school or are not expected to graduate from high school by the age of 21. Longview and Kelso School Districts have partnered with LCC to offer the Renaissance program, which makes GED, High School+, and vocational training available to eligible students in need of re-engagement.

Phone number: (360) 442-2580
Webpage: lowercolumbia.edu/transitional/open-doors
Located in Vocational 159 (VOC 159)

Running Start

Running Start allows qualifying Washington State high school juniors and seniors to enroll into college level courses and earn college and high school credits at the same time. The program covers tuition costs for those who meet minimum academic requirements. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch may also receive assistance with fees and books. Visit LCC's Running Start webpages or call the Running Start Office to learn more. See below for contact and other important information.

Phone number: (360) 442-2442
Webpage: lowercolumbia.edu/running-start
Located upstairs in the Student Center (STC - second floor)


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