Associate in Applied Science (AAS)


About The Program

Pathway to LCC BAS-TE and BAS-OLTM

This program provides students with both academic coursework and field experience necessary to become a paraeducator in the K-12 educational system. The program allows the student to experience working with students and mentor teachers. The program includes teaching methods in supporting social skills development, mathematics, science, and the arts. Emphasis is placed on educational foundations, child development, families, communities, schools and other agencies. EDUC& 101 meets the state’s required 28-hour Fundamental Course of Study for para educators.

This two-year program is a pipeline to LCC’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Teacher Education degree and meets the academic requirements to apply for admittance into LCC's Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Organizational Leadership and Technical Management which prepares professionals for positions in leadership, technical management and supervision.

Students in the Education program must be able to pass the required school district background clearance and have proof of required immunizations.

For a roadmap that identifies the preferred sequencing of courses and other specific recommendations from faculty, please see the corresponding program map(s):

Program Requirements

EDUC& 101 Paraeducator Basics 3
EDUC& 130 Guiding Behavior 3
EDUC& 150 Child/Family/Community 3
EDUC 191 Field Experience I 5
EDUC& 204 Inclusive Education: Birth-21 Focus 5
EDUC 230 Social Skill Development & Trauma Informed Teaching 5
EDUC 240 Diversity in Education 5
EDUC 246 Linguistically Diverse Education 5
EDUC 291 Field Experience II 5
ECED 225 STEAM in Early Childhood 5
CS 110 Intro to Microcomputer Applications 3
SUDS 114 Suicide Assessment, Prevention, and Crisis Management 2

Diversity and Distribution Lists are available in the Lower Columbia College Catalog located at

Total credits required to earn this degree: 94 with a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.0 in the program requirements.

Students completing this program should acquire the following skills and abilities:

  • Develop effective relationships with students, families and colleagues. (GS - Teamwork)
  • Provide behavioral support using social emotional learning (SEL) strategies. (GS - Critical Thinking)
  • Develop individualized instructional practices. (GS - Critical Thinking)
  • Collect and analyze data obtained through assessments. (GS - Quantitative Literacy)
  • Develop culturally responsive instructional strategies. 

March 2023 (Effective Summer 2023)


Program planning is based on information available at the time of preparation. It is the student’s responsibility to meet with their LCC advisor. Consult the LCC catalog for LCC graduation requirements.

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