Evacuation Procedure

Evacuation Procedure

Building Evacuation

  • Evacuate building when fire alarms sound and/or if directed to do so by Campus Security or Campus Services staff.
  • Remain calm, leave the building by the nearest cleared exit, and ask others to do the same.  
  • Evacuation Plan maps are posted at the main entrances of each campus building.  Check these maps for the nearest escape route in preparation for an emergency.
  • Help individuals with disabilities exit the building.
  • Emergency Building Coordinators will assist if time and situation permit.
  • Proceed to a clear area away from the affected building(s), and  keep streets, fire lanes,  fire hydrants and walkways clear for responding emergency vehicles and personnel.
  • Return to building(s) only when they are declared safe to occupy.

College Evacuation

The President or designee will announce evacuation of all or part of the college grounds. Follow building evacuation procedures while exiting any college facilities.


Do not use elevators in case of fire, explosions or earthquakes, as you may become trapped.

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