Shelter-in-Place Procedure

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LCC will continue to operate remotely until further notice (a list of face-to-face and hybrid classes for fall will be posted on July 27). Medical Assisting, Nursing, Machining and Welding resumed limited lab activity on May 5. Applications for emergency funding assistance are still being accepted. - Learn More.

Shelter-in-Place Procedure

A Shelter-in-Place order could be triggered by release of a chemical, biological or radiological substance into the environment.

If you are told to Shelter-in-Place, immediately do the following:

  • Bring everyone into the building or room.
  • Shut and lock the door(s).
  • Ask students and visitors to stay, not leave.
  • Unless there is an imminent threat, ask everyone to call or text their emergency contact to let them know where they are and that they are safe.
  • If possible, change outgoing telephone messages to say that the college is currently closed, and employees, students and visitors are remaining on campus until authorities advise it is safe to leave.
  • Check to ensure that all windows, exterior doors, and other openings to the outside are closed.
  • Close window shades, blinds or curtains.
  • Choose an interior room or rooms large enough to comfortably hold everyone in the immediate area. Avoid rooms with mechanical equipment such as ventilation pipes.
  • If possible, select a room that contains a land-line telephone.
  • Use duct tape and plastic sheeting if available to seal all cracks around the door(s) and any vents into the room.
  • Write down the names of everyone in the room in case you are asked to report it.
  • Monitor emergency communication channels (LCC website, Twitter Alert, FlashAlert, radio, television, etc.) for further instructions.
  • Do not come out until you are told it is safe to do so.
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