Fire or Smoke? Pull Fire Alarm and Exit Building

Fire alarm pull boxes are located at each building’s exit doors. Once you are at a safe location, call the appropriate number (see "Important Phone Numbers" in this handbook). Be sure to give your name, the building name, floor, room number and type of incident.

  • When a fire alarm sounds, complete evacuation is required. 
  • Walk; do not run, to the nearest exit. If on an upper floor, go to the nearest stairway exit and proceed to the ground level. The alarm may not sound continuously. If the alarm stops, continue the evacuation and warn others who may attempt to enter the building after the alarm stops.
  • Treat all fire alarms as a “REAL” fire unless pre-notified.
  • Assist individuals with disabilities with evacuation from the building.
  • Do not use elevators during a fire emergency.
  • Leave the building and move away from it.
  • Leave walkways and driveways open for arriving fire fighters.
  • Do not return to the building until given approval to do so by the fire fighters on the scene.
  • Campus Security or someone familiar with the situation (and who knows the area involved) should meet the fire department.
  • Everyone must follow the orders of the fire and police departments when they arrive.
  • Notify fire fighters on the scene if you suspect someone may be trapped inside the building.
  • Fire extinguisher locations are listed on our campus map. You may view their locations by clicking on each building. Be familiar with the one closest to your work area.
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