Getting the Right Help

Getting the Right Help



Student's Behavior


   Demonstrates evidence of immediate harm to self or others. Call 911 and then call Security at 2911 from a campus phone or (360) 442-2911 from any other phone.
   Displays evidence of suicidal thoughts or other distressed behaviors that do not appear to create an immediate danger but need prompt attention. Call LCC Counseling Services at (360) 442-2330, Columbia Wellness at (360) 423-0203, or National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800) 273-8255 (24/7).
     Shows signs of emotional distress/ mental health-related issues but not necessitating immediate attention. Refer student to LCC Counseling Services at (360) 442-2330.
   Displays Red Flag behaviors related to potential violence or threat or makes you or others feel unsafe. Call Security at 2911 from a campus phone or (360) 442-2911 from any other phone.
    Is inappropriate or disrupts the class. Implement standard classroom management strategies.
   Violates the Lower Columbia College Code of Student Conduct. Submit a Code of Student Conduct Incident Report and call the Student Conduct Officer at (360) 442-2270 if you have questions.
   If you have a student exhibiting behaviors of concern outside of the Code of Student Conduct. Submit a Behavior Intervention Team (BIT) Report to report incidents of concerning or threatening behavior.
   Possibility that the student has a disability impacting his/her ability to learn. Call Disability and Access Services (DAS) at 2340 or 2341 from a campus phone or (360) 442-2340 or (360) 442-2341 from any other phone.
   Indicates he or she is experiencing bias, discrimination or harassment. Contact the Title IX/EEO Coordinator at (360) 442-2121 or Deputy Coordinator at (360) 442-2300 and/or refer to the Discrimination & Harassment Complaint Procedure in the Student Handbook.
   When in doubt, or if you believe that any of the above behaviors could escalate to violence or threat, call 911, then contact Campus Security at 2911 from a campus phone or (360) 442-2911 from any other phone.

  Incidents of harassment, discrimination, bias or other misconduct should be reported in a timely fashion. Visit our Make a Report page to get started.


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