Global Skills Assessment

Global Skills Assessment

Who is involved in assessment of Global Skills? 

All full-time faculty are expected to participate in Global Skills Assessment either by contributing artifacts and/or serving as a participant in one of our Summer Assessment Institutes for academic transfer areas, and participating in program assessment of Related Instruction for professional/technical programs. 

What is assessed? 

Faculty at LCC have defined four Global Skills: Communication, Critical Thinking, Quantitative Literacy and Teamwork. Each has an associated rubric used for assessment purposes. Current rubrics and reports are available on the Global Skills webpage.

When does the work happen? 

One Global Skills is assessed each year, so a complete assessment cycle takes four years. In addition to the summer assessment institute, time is set aside on each quarterly assessment day to address Global Skills. See the Master Instructional Assessment Timeline for more information.

Where is information about Global Skills located? 

The Global Skills and associated rubrics are available on the internal LCC website. See Global Skills Assessment.

The public (student) faculty Global Skills page is located on LCC's public site. See Global Skills.

Useful Links:

  • Global Skills Assessment page contains links to our Global Skills rubrics and all related reports and resources
  • Global Skills page contains general information about LCC's Global Skills for students and the public 
  • Master Instructional Assessment Timeline -- see what is happening every quarter in regard to Curriculum and Program Review, and every year in regard to Global Skills assessment.
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