Other Student Related Policies

LCC Administrative Policies

Many of LCC's Administrative Policies pertain to students.

Policy located online at: lowercolumbia.edu/publications/administrative-policies

Campus Smoke and Tobacco Free (Policy 635)

Regarding the prohibition of smoking and use of other tobacco products on campus.

Policy located online at: lowercolumbia.edu/publications/administrative-policies/635

Children on Campus (Policy 645)

Concerning the safety of children on campus.

Policy located online at: lowercolumbia.edu/publications/administrative-policies/645

Alcohol and Drug Free Workplace (Policy 240)

Regarding LCC's alcohol and drug-free environment.

Policy located online at: lowercolumbia.edu/publications/administrative-policies/240

Pets on Campus (Policy 650)

Regarding the prohibition of pets on campus excluding service animals and animals used for instructional purposes.

Policy located online at: lowercolumbia.edu/publications/administrative-policies/650

Photo and Video (Policy 805, Procedure 805.1A)

Concerning the use of photos and videos taken on campus for publicity and promotional purposes.

Policy located online at: lowercolumbia.edu/publications/administrative-policies/805

Student Absence for Reasons of Faith or Conscience (Policy 480)

Regarding accommodations for absences due to reasons of faith or conscience.

Policy located online at: lowercolumbia.edu/publications/administrative-policies/480

Student Email as Official Communication (Policy 490)

Regarding the requirement for students to receive official communications from LCC via email.

Policy located online at: lowercolumbia.edu/publications/administrative-policies/490

Workplace Violence (Policy 246)

Concerning the prohibition on acts of violence or threatening behavior on the LCC campus.

Policy located online at: lowercolumbia.edu/publications/administrative-policies/246


Lower Columbia College does not require vaccinations for general admission. Vaccinations and tuberculosis testing are required for students participating in the Nursing,  Medical Assisting, and Early Childhood programs. Please see the resources below for more information, or contact your advisor. 

Nursing Handbook
Web: lowercolumbia.edu/nursing/handbook

Medical Assisting Handbook
Web: lowercolumbia.edu/medical-assisting/handbook

Laws pertaining to early childcare education providers
Web: app.leg.wa.gov/wac/default.aspx?cite=110-300-0120

If you plan to enroll your child or children in the Early Learning Center (ELC), please see the ELC Parent Handbook.
Web: lowercolumbia.edu/childcare

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