Adding and Withdrawing from Classes

Adding and Withdrawing from Classes

Adding a Class

You may add classes through the third day of instruction. From the fourth through the 10th day of instruction, the instructor’s written permission is required. Restrictions may apply; be sure to check with the instructor.

Withdrawing from a Class

If you wish to withdraw from a class and not have a ‘W’ appear on your transcript, you must do this prior to the 10th instructional day of the quarter. The last day to withdraw from a class is generally the last day of the eighth week of instruction. Students withdrawing from courses after the 10th day will receive a ‘W’ on their transcript. Please see the academic calendar online for exact dates. Adding or withdrawing from courses may impact your financial aid award; students with questions should review the Financial Aid Handbook or consult the Financial Aid Office.

Withdrawal Dates to Avoid a ‘W’ on Your Transcript:

Summer Quarter 2017—July 18

Fall Quarter 2017—September 29

Winter Quarter 2018—January 16

Spring Quarter 2018—April 13

For a full tuition refund, you must withdraw prior to the sixth instructional day of the quarter; for a 50% refund, you must withdraw prior to the 20th calendar day of the quarter.

100% Refund Dates:

Summer Quarter 2017—July 12

Fall Quarter 2017—September 22

Winter Quarter 2018—January 8

Spring Quarter 2018—April 6

50% Refund Dates:

Summer Quarter 2017—July 20

Fall Quarter 2017—October 6

Winter Quarter 2018—January 19

Spring Quarter 2018—April 20

Instructor Initiated Withdrawal

An instructor may initiate a withdrawal for a non-attending student at any point during the first five instructional days of the quarter, if the student does not contact the instructor to indicate their intention to remain enrolled.  


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