Academic Dishonesty

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Academic Dishonesty

Instructors are encouraged to make a report at about any incident of academic dishonesty. Reports are routed to the Vice President of Student Services. Any student who engages in any form of academic dishonesty may be subject to discipline. Common instances of academic dishonesty include (but are not limited to): cheating; falsification; plagiarism; facilitating, aiding or abetting others in academic dishonesty; collusion; or resubmitting work previously submitted for another course without instructor permission. Academic dishonesty may be subject to both academic sanctions and/or conduct sanctions.

Instructors and students are responsible for maintaining academic standards and integrity in classes. Academic consequences for academic dishonesty may be imposed by the course instructor. Such consequences may include but cannot exceed a grade of “F” in the course. The instructor should attempt to notify the student of the suspected academic dishonesty and give the student an opportunity to respond. The notice and the opportunity may be informal. Penalties for any disciplinary infraction must be imposed via the Code of Student Conduct located at and the processes established therein.

Instructors are encouraged to make a report at about any incident of academic dishonesty. Reports are routed to the Vice President of Student Services.

Upon receiving such a report, the Vice President of Student Services shall provide the student with written notice that a report has been made and next steps. The Vice President of Student Services may initiate discipline actions after receiving a report of academic dishonesty. A report of more than one academic dishonesty incident will automatically initiate a disciplinary action.

Students may learn more about academic integrity and how to avoid academic dishonesty in the Student Academic Rights & Responsibilities section of this handbook. The Academic Dishonesty Procedure is available in the Academic Standards Committee Operational Guidelines located at

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