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The Employee Assistance Program offers a variety of great benefits to full-time LCC employees, their spouse, dependents, and household members. See benefits below!


Coping with Fear of Violence: School Shootings

If you feel distressed due to recent events, the Washington State EAP is a place to seek confidential and caring support. Guidance, resources, and more can be found here.


Access the EAP at:

Employee Resources & Information:

Work-Life Services

Wellness & Mindfulness Coaching

Weight management, stress, tobacco cessation - check out the live webinars.

Omada AppThis digital care program surrounds you with the tools and support you need to help reach your health goals, one step at a time. If you’re ready to lose weight, gain energy, and improve your overall health, check out Omada.

Drug Free Workplace/Drug Dependency

Each employee is expected to report to work in an appropriate mental and physical condition to perform his or her assigned duties. The College recognizes drug dependency and/or drug use to be an illness and a major health, safety and security concern.

Learn more at Drug-Free Schools & Communities Act


Retirement planning, credit counseling, debt and budget assistance.


The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides a confidential place to talk about the issues that are affecting you, your family members aged 18 or older, or the workplace. Depending on your needs and preferences, many appointments can be handled either by telephone or face to face.

COVID-19 Resources

We know that the emotional and mental health toll of this crisis will be significant and we are providing additional support and resources to help address the impacts of stress, fear, financial loss, illness, grief and loss, children out of school, and isolation created by social distancing.

Childcare & Eldercare

EAP will help you find vetted childcare and eldercare facilities or providers (public and private) and help ensure any accommodations are met.

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