Every community, including our own, is affected by sexual assault. By working together to learn what constitutes sexual assault and its far-reaching impacts, we are helping create a culture of safety, respect, and equity where prevention is possible.

Educational Resources

National Awareness Campaigns

Support and Resources for Survivors

Educational resources provided by National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC)

Working Together to End Sexual Violence

Yes Means Yes

Access a guide to keeping each other safe from sexual violence.

Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Form

If you observe or experience sexual assault or other misconduct, please Make a Report using this form.

Contact Title IX Coordinator/Safety Officer

The Title IX /EEO Coordinator or Deputy Coordinator can address faculty, staff and student concerns related to sexual harassment, sexual assault and other actions that fall within the college' obligations under Title IX.

Title IX / EEO Coordinator, Vice President of Foundation, HR & Legal Affairs

  Kendra Sprague
  Administration Building Room 115

Title IX / EEO Deputy Coordinator, Vice President of Student Services

  Sue Orchard
  Admissions Center Room 159

Manager of Safety & Security

  Jason Arrowsmith
  Admissions Center Room 141B

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