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Lower Columbia College Campus Emergency Funds

Student Financial Help

Envíe un correo electrónico a Ariana Muro (amuro@lowercolumbia.edu) para obtener ayuda con este formulario en español.

Information for Undocumented Students, DREAMers, Real Hope Act.

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All students are welcome at LCC, including international students, immigrant students, students who are undocumented, and students covered under DACA.

Residency Information

Washington residents pay resident (in-state) tuition and fees and are eligible for state financial aid. Both U.S. citizens and non-citizens can be Washington residents, including undocumented students. In most cases, a Washington resident is someone who lives in the state for one year immediately before starting their college.

Regardless of citizenship or immigration status, you qualify for resident tuition and state financial aid if you meet these three requirements:

  1. Earn a high school diploma, GED, or equivalent before your first term at LCC.
  2. Live in Washington for at least one year immediately before your first term at LCC​, and your purpose for living in Washington during that time was not mainly to go to college. 
  3. Sign an affidavit swearing that you meet the above requirements and that one of the following is true:
    1. You are a US citizen/permanent resident, OR
    2. You will apply to become a permanent US resident as soon as you are eligible, and you are willing to engage in activities designed to prepare you for citizenship, including citizenship or civics review course.

If you meet these requirements, you can submit a form called a Residency Affidavit and no other documents will be required.

If you are an undocumented student and you already know you qualify, go to WASFA (Washington Application for State Financial Aid) to apply. Or, scroll down for more information.

Resources for Undocumented Students

Contacts for Undocumented Students


Ariana Muro (Financial Aid)

  (360) 442-2332

Dani Trimble (Workforce and Career Services)

  (360) 442-2622

Guadalupe Rodriguez (Running Start)

  (360) 442-2444

Magnus Altmayer (Residency)

  (360) 442-2372


Ale Sanchez (Career Pathway Advising)

  (360) 442-2355

Angel Ruvalcaba (Testing)

  (360) 442-2361

Darren Schwegler (Educational Planning)

  (360) 442-2338

College and Career Preparation

Aracely Marin Silva

  (360) 442-2598