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stone bust of female with leaves in hair with words to the right "Interflow, Crista Ames"


Crista Ames


Exhibition Dates:

 April 10 – May 4, 2023


Thursday, April 6th from 4:30-6pm

As a sculptor who works primarily in clay and ceramics, Ames finds this material conveys her interest in representing dual associations of permanence and fragility while referencing historic creation myths and craft.


Through the layering of mythology, iconography and personal narrative, Ames’ work questions familiar feminine tropes of art history by reanimating classical references and reimagining historic narratives and symbolism through personal interpretation. Raised on a hobby farm in Washington state, Ames draws on her own experiences to explore pastoral life, animal husbandry, women’s craft and fertility.


In bridging the gap between myth and experience, Ames utilizes her artistic practice to create new stories and feminine monuments that tell contemporary tales of trauma, joy and womanhood. 


2023 Student Art Show

Exhibition Dates:

June 1-13, 2023


Thursday, June 1, 2023

2023 Juror: Kendra Larson

The annual Student Art & Design Show celebrates Lower Columbia College student artists across all mediums. Cash awards will be presented to students at the reception, Thursday, June 1st at 5 p.m. Don't miss the celebration!


Want to submit your student artwork for the 2023 Art Show? Click HERE. Submissions are due Friday, May 12, 2023 to be considered.

Rose Center for the Arts

Extensive use of timber establishes a bond with the region's history of lumber production and enhances the aesthetics and acoustics

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People who pursue careers in arts and communications are generally creative, expressive individuals who are good at communicating and are passionate about their craft.


About the Forsberg Art Gallery

Lower Columbia College's art gallery located in the Rose Center for the Arts features twenty foot high walls with ample space and complete flexibility for the display of art. The second level of the gallery is more intimate in nature and displays special items and the college's permanent collection, much of which has been donated. Natural light from a slot skylight gently illuminates the room to enhance the overall experience in the gallery.

Current exhibitions in the Art Gallery are free and open to the public. Posted receptions are free and open to the public as well.

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