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Fall Quarter 2020

Big Ideas

Local experts weigh in on some of the biggest issues facing us right now, and how we might solve them.

Fall Quarter 2020: Big Ideas

October 1: Public Health Communicable Disease Investigation & Prevention

Presented by Michelle Ashby, Cowlitz County Health Department

LCC nursing graduate Michelle Ashby serves as a community health manager in Cowlitz County. How does her work promote healthy people and healthy communities, especially recently.

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October 8: Comic Books as a Vehicle for Anti-Racism

Presented by Chris Tower and Abbie Leavens

Like everything else in America, comic books have a history of perpetuating racist stereotypes and fostering implicit bias, and yet since the 1960s, comic books have worked to be a vehicle for social change and currently are trying to be a truly anti-racist art form. What is anti-racism? How can art forms like comic books effect social change?

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October 15: The Fighting Smelt Speech & Debate Team

Presented by Alex Brehm and the LCC Fighting Smelt

For over 50 years, Lower Columbia College had had a strong and successful Speech and Debate team. Currently, LCC Speech and Debate is a Gold Medal community college program in the Northwest Forensics Conference and is the third ranked IPDA debate community college in the nation. See the Smelt debate the big questions!

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October 22: Building Community Resilience

Presented by Ann Holaday

"Resilience" means having the ability to rebound after difficulties, barriers or obstacles. Pandemics, climate change and political unrest threaten our future. We can build our resilience to these crises by securing quality food and optimum health. The issues are complex but the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.

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October 29: Atheism

Presented by Geof Richie

Ancient peoples had spirits in everything; trees, rocks, the hearth. Humans have consolidated their beliefs into a few, then one, or even zero gods. Religiosity is on the decline. Secularism is on the rise. Will atheism become the default setting?

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November 5: Self-Organized Learning Experiences (SOLE)

Presented by Mark Gaither

How do we learn? Self-Organized Learning Experiences are a new approach to teaching and learning that puts education in the hands of the students.

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November 12: Jack of All Trades: How Pancho the Donkey is Saving the World

Presented by Michal Ann Watts and Catie Graham

We will discuss the plight of the American donkey and how the love of one donkey led to an organization that saves thousands world-wide. Come learn about donkeys in general, the benefits of owning one, their struggles, and how you can help.

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November 19: Trans-generational Trauma of Slavery: The Effects on Black Identity, Health and Academic Performance

Presented by Michael Strayer

The long history of slavery and racial discrimination in the U.S. leaves a legacy on future generations. How does trauma, specifically racial trauma, affect brain development, health, parenting, identity, relationships, and what can be done about it?

  November 19, 12:00 pm - 12:50 pm (you can log in up to 10 minutes ahead)
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