Organizational Leadership and Technical Management


Organizational Leadership and Technical Management: Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS-OLTM)

The BAS-OLTM is a career-focused, applied science degree to prepare graduates for positions in leadership, management, and supervisory roles in private, public, and nonprofit organizations. The program is designed for working adults with a range of professional technical associate degrees and a diverse set of work experiences and professional goals. LCC's program will help students gain the skills and knowledge needed to effectively lead and manage others through the study of behavioral and leadership theory, professional communications, project management, workplace and environmental safety, conflict resolution, theories of decision making, change management, ethics, and diversity.

Applications for the 2022 part-time cohort are now available!

An associate degree or 90 college level credits from an institutionally accredited institution with an overall 2.5 GPA and the following courses: 

  • English& 101
  • MATH& 107 (or a college-level math course for which intermediate algebra is a prerequisite)
  • CS 110 or equivalent(BTEC 104, BTEC 131, or demonstrate proficiency)
  • Human Relations Course (one of the listed courses from the LCC Human Relations Distribution list
    • PSYC& 100 General Psychology or
    • ANTH& 206 Cultural Anthropology or
    • PSYC 204 Applied Psychology or
    • PSYC 214 Psychology of Adjustment or
    • SOC& 101 Introduction to Sociology

Upon completion of this program, students will have demonstrated the ability to apply their skills and knowledge in the following ways:

  1. Produce oral and written communications in appropriate business conventions.
  2. Examine data to design solutions to a problem.
  3. Collaborate effectively with others within the context of a work environment.
  4. Construct a philosophy of leadership to guide action.
  5. Analyze strategies to effectively lead others to achieve a common goal.
  6. Evaluate the moral implications of workplace dilemmas utilizing ethical reasoning.
  7. Examine the significance of diversity and cultural awareness within the context of management and supervision.
  8. Analyze strategies and methods to facilitate improvements to organizational capacity and function.
  9. Implement effective organizational leadership strategies to supervise others.
  10. Research strategies for effective professional growth and continuous improvement.


Pre-entry General Education Requirements: In addition to completing an AAS degree or higher or 90 credits from an institutionally accredited college or university, the listed courses must be completed with a C or better prior to graduating with a BAS in Organizational Leadership and Technical Management.

Course/GER Credits
ENGL& 101- English Composition 5
MATH& 107 (or a College-level math course for which intermediate algebra is a prerequisite 5
Technology Requirement CS 110 or equivalent (BTEC 104, BTEC 131, or proficiency) 3

*Human Relations/Social Science - One of the following: PSYC& 100, ANTH& 206, PSYC 204, PSYC 214, or SOC& 101

Natural Science elective w/lab 5


 The following courses constitute the two-year, 90 credit upper division coursework required for the Bachelor of Applied Science in Organizational Leadership and Technical Management degree. Students must earn a minimum 2.0 grade in each course, with a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA in all upper division coursework

Fall Quarter, First Year 2021 (15 credits)

OLTM 300-Foundations of Leadership (5 credits)

HUM 315- Ethics (5 credits)

CMST 330- Professional/Organizational Communications (5 credits)


Winter Quarter, First Year 2022 (15 credits)

OLTM 320-Workplace and Environmental Safety (5 credits)

OLTM 325- Transformative Leadership & Decision Making (5 credits)

OLTM 329-Foundations of Business Practices & Emerging Technologies (5 credits)


Spring Quarter, First Year 2022 (15 credits)

OLTM 330- Entrepreneurship (5 Credits)

OLTM 335- Developing and Leading High-Performance Teams (5 credits)

PSYC 320-Leadership and Organizational Psychology (5 credits)

                         FIRST YEAR TOTAL 45 credits

Fall Quarter, Second Year 2022 (15 credits)

OTLM 440- Ethics & Leadership: Leading and Managing in a Diverse Society (5 credits)

 OLTM 445- Global Systems & Change Management (5 credits)

 OLTM 449 - Financial Management (5 credits)


Winter Quarter, Second Year 2023 (15 credits)

OLTM 450- Negotiations, Mediation and Conflict Resolutions

 OLTM 455- Advanced Project Management

 ENVS 440- Environmental Issues



Spring Quarter, Second Year 2023 (15 credits)

​OLTM 460  Coaching & Mentoring (5 credits)​

OLTM 465  Current Issues in Human Resource management (5 credits) ​

OTLM 495 Capstone (5 credits) 

                    SECOND YEAR TOTAL 45 credits

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