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Release of student information consists of the following:

  • Student name
  • Student ID number
  • Date of birth

I hereby authorize Lower Columbia College, DSS Director, Mary Kate Morgan, to provide information contained in the educational records of the above named person to the following named individuals or organizations:

All agencies and/or persons with legitimate educational need to know:

Or check specific groups below with whom we may share information.

  • All faculty
  • Specific faculty only (please list)
  • Parents or guardians (names)
    • Previous/future educational institutions
    • Medical/counseling facilities
    • Recordings for the Blind/Library for the Blind
    • Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Department of Labor & Industries (L&I)
  • Other (please identify)

This release is in effect for the period of:

I understand that I must have documentation on file at the DSS Office to be eligible for services as a student with a disability. I have a responsibility to identify myself as a person with a disability on the registration form, and in the case of Federal auditors, my records may be opened.

  • Signature of student
  • Phone number/email
  • Date

Contact Disability Support Services

Located in the Admissions Center, Room 143. Make an appointment by calling the Entry Center at 360.442.2311. Walk-ins welcome during regular business hours.

Main Office

   (360) 442-2340
TTY/Video Relay Service: 7-1-1 or (800) 833-6388

  Shannon Vantrease, Coordinator

  (360) 442-2340

  Mary Kate Morgan, Director

  (360) 442-2341

Current Section 504 / ADA Coordinator

  Kendra Sprague, Vice President of Foundation, HR & Legal Affairs

  (360) 442-2121

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