About this Handbook

About this Handbook

This handbook was designed for faculty, who have unique responsibilities in regard to the assessment of student learning outcomes.

The handbook includes:

  • Basic information about the three pillars of assessment at LCC, including: Curriculum and Program Review; Global Skills Assessment; and Key Performance Indicator Monitoring.
  • Definition of assessment (and related) terms, as they are used at LCC.
  • General information about institutional accreditation for institutions of higher education in the Northwest region of the United States..
  • Basic information about student learning outcomes, including: how to develop outcomes; how to measure outcomes; and how to use a single rubric to both grade and assess student learning outcomes.

The most efficient way to use this handbook is to view it online, but it can also be printed as a PDF for quick and easy reference.

To print as a PDF, simply select either "View PDF" or "Download PDF" from the "Print Friendly" tab on the right hand side of your screen.

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