Academic Standing

Academic Standing

These standards are used to identify students who experience academic difficulty and to provide additional support and assistance to improve academic standing. The policy also determines academic suspension in cases where students are unable to achieve satisfactory performance.

Students must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in the courses required for a degree or certificate in order to earn a credential at Lower Columbia College. Students must also maintain a quarterly GPA of 2.0 or higher each quarter. Students who fall below this minimum quarterly GPA will be alerted at the end of the quarter regarding their academic standing. As necessary, additional information about resources and support for improving academic standing will be provided. If a student is academically suspended, they will receive information about academic reinstatement.

  • Good Standing: Quarterly GPA above 2.0
  • Academic Concern: First quarter of a quarterly GPA below 2.0
  • Academic Notice: Second consecutive quarterly GPA below 2.0
  • Academic Suspension: Third consecutive quarterly GPA below 2.0

Students not in good academic standing may be required by the college to enroll in College Success or other courses as determined by the college to assist with academic success.

Students on academic suspension shall not be allowed to enroll in credit-bearing courses at the college for two consecutive quarters. Students who are academically suspended must petition for reinstatement to the Vice President of Student Services at least six weeks prior to the quarter the student is eligible to re-enter the college. Students returning from academic suspension who earn a quarterly GPA above 2.0 will return to good standing. Students returning from academic suspension who earn a quarterly GPA below 2.0 will return to academic suspension and must follow the academic standing policy to request reinstatement.

NOTE: Individual college programs and services, including but not limited to high school completion, financial aid, veteran programs, College and Career Preparation, Running Start, and certain professional/technical programs may have different academic stan­dard requirements and appeal procedures. Students in these programs should contact their program advisor or specific department for information regarding those requirements

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