Lower Columbia College recognizes that using chosen and preferred names, whenever possible, is key to creating an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for all students.

Your chosen/preferred name is a name you designate to be used instead of your legal name. Students may opt to use a chosen/preferred name, but it is not required.

Updating your chosen/preferred name at LCC is not the same as a legal name change through a court system.

To update your chosen/preferred first name, click the button below and fill out the form. After you’ve completed the form, LCC staff will update your name in the following places:

  • ctcLink
  • Canvas
  • Navigate
  • Library (used when checking out books and other materials)

More Information

A chosen name is the name a person uses in place of their legal name that they feel best represents their identity. Using a person’s chosen name shows respect for them.

A preferred name is the name a person usually prefers to their legal name, like a nickname or shortening of their legal name.

You don't need to specify whether the name you select is your chosen or preferred name. We provide these definitions only as an attempt to clarify these terms for those who may not yet understand them.

No. Changing a student email address is a complex process, so it isn’t done automatically for all chosen/preferred name requests.

Please email the eLearning department at eLearning@lowercolumbia.edu to request an update to your LCC email address. eLearning will start the process and inform you of your next steps once the change is complete.

Note that this process takes time and may impact access to your LCC email and other services that rely on it, like campus computer access, Navigate, and Google apps like Docs and Drive, while the change is taking place.

You can choose any personal email address to be used for school communications by setting a preferred email in ctcLink. You can use any address that suits you, and you can change it whenever you wish.

Students who also work on campus should enter their preferred email address through the "Personal Details" tile in Employee Service Service. Students who don't work on campus should set it in the "Profile" tile in Student Self Service.

Your legal name will be used in business processes and other activities that require use of a legal name. These include:

  • Transcripts
  • Diplomas
  • International Students Documentation
  • Financial Aid Records
  • Student Employment Records
  • Federal Requests for Information
  • National Student Clearinghouse

Continuing or returning students are required to submit legal documentation and a name change form to the Registration office to request a change of name in their official Lower Columbia College record. Examples of acceptable documentation include:

  • Government issued photo identification showing current legal name and one of the following:
    • A marriage certificate
    • A court order
    • Divorce decree with name change

If you are receiving Financial Aid, please submit the documentation above to the Financial Aid Office along with your social security card showing current legal name, or have a current ISIR on file with new name accepted with no errors. For additional information, please contact the Financial Aid office at (360) 442-2390

If at any time you feel unsafe or think or feel that you have been discriminated against by faculty, staff, or other students at LCC, you are encouraged to make a report through our online reporting form.

If you have questions about where your legal name will be used, contact Magnus Altmayer, our Director of Registration.

If you have feedback on LCC’s use of chosen and preferred names or would like to express challenges you’ve faced with your chosen or preferred name at LCC, please contact the Diversity and Equity committee.

If you’d like to speak to a counselor, please contact our Counseling Services.

Contact Registration & One-Stop Center

Registration and the One-Stop Center are located in the Admissions Center building. Walk-ins welcome during regular business hours. 

  One-Stop Center

  (360) 442-2322

  Registration Office

  (360) 442-2370

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