Lower Columbia College recognizes that using chosen and preferred names, whenever possible, is key to creating an inclusive and welcoming learning environment for all students.

Your chosen/preferred name is a name you designate to be used instead of your legal name. Students may opt to use a chosen/preferred name, but it is not required.

Updating your chosen/preferred name at LCC is not the same as a legal name change through a court system.

To update your chosen/preferred first name, click the button below and fill out the form. After you’ve completed the form, LCC staff will update your name in the following places:

  • ctcLink
  • Canvas
  • Navigate
  • Library (used when checking out books and other materials)

More Information

Contact Registration & One-Stop Center

Registration and the One-Stop Center are located in the Admissions Center building. Walk-ins welcome during regular business hours. 

  One-Stop Center

  (360) 442-2322

  Registration Office

  (360) 442-2370