Washington residents pay less for college

Students who are Washington residents: 

  • Pay resident (in-state) tuition and fees.
  • Are eligible for state financial aid programs like the Washington College Grant and College Bound.
  • In most cases, a Washington resident is someone who lives in the state for one year immediately prior to starting their college or program.  

But there are other ways to be a resident. The state has rules for how certain groups of people — like military veterans and students in Oregon border counties — can get residency. 

Learn more information about other ways to qualify as a Washington resident.
Student Residency page on the Washington Student Achievement Council website

How residency is determined

When a student applies to Lower Columbia College, they are classified as a resident or nonresident based on how they answer questions on the LCC admission application and financial aid application (FAFSA/WASFA).

There are two different kinds of residency. Sometimes they don’t match, because they have different rules:

  • Residency for tuition purposes determines whether a student pays in-state, out-of-state, or international rates.
    • You can see whether you have been classified as a resident or nonresident for tuition purposes by checking your charges in ctcLink. Your tuition charges will either  say “Non-Resident” or “Resident.” 
  • Residency for financial aid purposes determines whether a student is eligible for Washington State financial aid programs like the Washington College Grant, College Bound,Washington State Opportunity Scholarship, and others.

You may need to update your residency if…

  • You are being charged higher nonresident tuition rates and you believe you should be classified as a resident. 
  •  You see a Residency Mismatch notification in ctcLink -- this means there is a conflict between your tuition residency and your financial aid residency. To resolve this, you must change either your financial aid residency classification or your tuition residency classification.
  • You were a Running Start or College and Career Preparation student. These students may have an “Undetermined” residency status and will be charged international rates until their residency is updated.
  • You indicated you are not a US citizen on the admission application. Even if you are not a  US citizen, you may qualify for in-state tuition if you meet the requirements for Option 1 - Residency Affidavit below.

Frequently asked questions about residency

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