Academic Standing

Students must earn a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher in the courses required for a degree or certificate in order to earn a credential at Lower Columbia College. Students must also maintain a quarterly GPA of 2.0 or higher each quarter. Students who fall below this minimum quarterly GPA will be alerted at the end of the quarter regarding their academic standing. As necessary, additional information about resources and support for improving academic standing will be provided. If a student is academically suspended, they will receive information about academic reinstatement.

  • Good Standing: Quarterly GPA above 2.0
  • Academic Concern: First quarter of a quarterly GPA below 2.0 
  • Academic Notice: Second consecutive quarterly GPA below 2.0 
  • Academic Suspension: Third consecutive quarterly GPA below 2.0 

Students not in good academic standing may be required by the College to enroll in College Success or other courses to assist with academic success.

Students on academic suspension cannot enroll in credit-bearing courses at the college for two consecutive quarters. Students who are academically suspended must petition for reinstatement to the Vice President of Student Services at least six weeks prior to the quarter the student is eligible to re-enter the college. Students returning from academic suspension who earn a quarterly GPA above 2.0 will return to good standing. Students returning from academic suspension who earn a quarterly GPA below 2.0 will return to academic suspension and must follow the academic standing policy to request reinstatement. The petition for academic reinstatement can be found on the student forms webpage.

Academic Interventions

The Academic Standards Committee authorizes the Vice President of Student Services or designee to require academic intervention strategies for students who pass few or no credits to encourage timely student completion of programs, certificates, and/or degrees. Intervention may include:

  1. Credit limitations
  2. Special courses
  3. Tutoring
  4. Directed advising
  5. Other strategies

These are the interventions and restrictions LCC students can expect:

Academic Concern: First quarter of a quarterly GPA below 2.0 

  • The student’s success team member will reach out to discuss success strategies for the quarter and follow up as needed.

Academic Notice: Second consecutive quarterly GPA below 2.0 

  • The student will continue to work with a success team member to discuss the prior quarter, adjust success strategies for continued improvement, schedule regular check-ins, and follow up as needed.
  • The student should not enroll in more than 15 credits while on Academic Notice. Additional credit restrictions may be mandated if deemed necessary. 
  • The student may be required to enroll in College 101 or another class the institution determines would benefit the student.

Academic Suspension: Third consecutive quarterly GPA below 2.0 

  • The student may not enroll for two consecutive quarters and must follow the academic reinstatement procedures listed below no later than six weeks prior to quarter of intended enrollment.
  • If a student is registered for classes in the following quarter, they will be dropped.

Not In Good Standing?

Many students have a rough quarter during college. With support and hard work, they persevere and go on to earn their degree! You can do it, and we are here to help. What should you do:

Know Where You Stand

  • How does your academic progress impact your financial aid? Eligibility standards for academic progress are outlined in the Financial Aid Handbook. Contact Financial Aid at (360) 442-2390 to see how your aid is impacted.
  • Frequently check in with your instructors throughout the quarter. They will help you understand your current grades and what you can do to improve them.

Know Where You Are Going

  • Meet with your advisor to plan out future quarters, and understand what it takes to graduate.
  • Students who have explored career options and made an informed choice are more likely to succeed academically. Visit Career & Employment Services in the Admissions Center to explore today, or attend workshops on College Success, Career Planning, and more!

Know Your Support System

  1. Advisors - Your faculty or staff advisor can help you review your plan of study, discuss course options, determine withdrawal options if necessary, and help you learn more about campus resources. Check in with your advisor regularly! Find your advisor through Navigate.
  2. Tutoring - Tutoring is free and available for LCC students online and in the Learning Commons in the Library. Learn more about Tutoring.
  3. Counselors - LCC has counselors available to support you in problem-solving and exploration of issues that may be keeping you from achieving your academic goals. Counselors may be able to refer you to additional campus and local resources. Make an appointment by calling (360) 442-2330, or visit the Counseling webpage.
  4. Other resources that may be able to support your success:
    1. Childcare: call (360) 442-2890 or visit childcare webpage.
    2. Disability and Access Services: call (360) 442-2341 or visit DAS webpage.
    3. Financial Aid: call (360) 442-2390 or visit Financial Aid webpage.
    4. TRiO Student Support Services: call (360) 442-2420 or visit TRiO webpage.
    5. Veterans Services: call (360) 442-2393 or visit veterans webpage.
  5. Questions? Contact the office of the Vice President of Student Services at (360) 442-2300.

Academic Suspension Next Steps

While You Are Away:

Students on suspension must take two consecutive quarters off from LCC. While you are away, consider the following options:

  • Work and gain experience--consider employment that aligns with your career goals, volunteering, or shadowing someone in the profession you are interested in.
  • Frequently students struggle academically due to health and family matters. Take the time during suspension to heal and attend to your family.
  • Use this time to reflect on your education--what are your strengths and weaknesses? Is your current major a good fit? Consider meeting with an advisor or visiting Career & Employment Services to explore this.
  • Focus on your study habits. Is there a course you struggled with that you could spend time on now? Brush up on the basics through College and Career Preparation at LCC, free online courses, or consider self-study.

Ready to Re-Enroll?

In order to enroll in courses you must indicate your intent to return by completing and submitting the Petition for Academic Reinstatement form. Submit the form no later than 6 weeks before the start of the quarter.

Once you have submitted the Petition for Academic Reinstatement, you will be contacted with information to schedule a meeting to discuss:

  1. What was the cause of your previous quarter’s GPA?
  2. Discuss a few specific steps that you can take to address the cause of your grades.
  3. Which classes, if any, were the most challenging for you and why?
  4. Which campus resources were you able to take advantage of including: Disability and Access Services, Counseling, Tutoring Center, etc.?
  5. Review your academic and professional goals.
  6. If your financial aid has been suspended, what is your plan for paying your tuition and fees for the next quarter?