Online learning comes with unique challenges. Here are some of the most valuable skills and traits you'll need to succeed.


Talk to your instructor

Talk to your instructors early and often about the challenges you're facing, just like in a face-to-face class.

Communicate well in writing

Written communication is vital in online classes. To brush up on your writing skills, check out the Purdue Online Writing Lab. Current students can also set up an appointment with a tutor.

Practice good 'netiquette'

Netiquette is the name for our manners online. Good netiquette means being polite, professional, and considerate of others in your learning space. View our quick Netiquette video!

Be ready to reach out

Reach out when you need assistance. Your resources can't help you if they don't know you need them!

Your Skills


In online courses, managing your time well is crucial. Good online students motivate themselves to put in the time and effort it takes to succeed.


Online you may feel disconnected from others or that you're the only one struggling. Great online students are persistent and persevere through tough challenges.


Tracking upcoming deadlines and keeping a calendar are skills that help all students. In online classes, having the self-discipline to keep up with this information is even more important.

Understand & use your technology

Before starting an online course, get comfortable with the technology. For most courses at LCC, that means knowing how to use email, a word processing program (like Microsoft Word or Google Docs), and Canvas, our learning management system.

Your Environment

Set up a positive learning environment

Set up a peaceful, distraction-free environment for learning where you can focus on your studies. Consider the location, possible distractions, and noise level.

Have few to no restrictions on computer and Internet access

Meeting the technical requirements for online courses is your first step towards success. You'll need a strong, DSL Internet connection to upload your assignments and view videos, along with a computer that matches the Recommended Technology for Online Students. You cannot complete all coursework from your mobile phone or tablet. We do not recommend using the Canvas App to submit assignments.

Know Your Resources!

Even if you're an entirely online student that never comes to campus, LCC still has a host of resources for you! You can find all of LCC's services on our Campus Services page.