Testing is already stressful enough. Being prepared helps. Read on to learn more about our test proctoring platform for online students (Honorlock), as well as what you’ll need to do in advance. LCC uses Honorlock for many proctored exams in fully online courses, but some courses, like online Spanish, are set up differently.

Concerned about your privacy and security while using Honorlock? Check out Honorlock's Student Privacy page and our Security & Privacy FAQs below.

Honorlock FAQs

Honorlock is a test proctoring software within Canvas that helps us maintain academic integrity at LCC.
Honorlock Universal is used for online test proctoring for tests outside of Canvas. To learn how to use Honorlock Universal, check out the Honorlock Universal Student Guide and Video Guide!
Due COVID-19, Honorlock tests are free through the end of spring quarter 2021!
You can call, email, or live chat with honorlock support by visiting Honorlock's Support Page.
No! That’s the magic of Honorlock! Unlike ProctorU, you don’t need to schedule an appointment in advance.
You will need a high-speed internet connection and a computer with a webcam and microphone. Additionally, you will need to use the Google Chrome web browser to take your test. Remember to leave your computer plugged in to a power source if you're using a laptop. Test your to see if your system meets the minimum requirements on the Honorlock Support page!
Yes! If you use a Chromebook, make sure to log in with a Google account. You cannot install the Honorlock Chrome extension if you are browsing as a Guest.
You’ll need photo ID to take your test. ID without a photo is not accepted.
Start an Honorlock test the same way you’d start other Canvas quizzes! Since Honorlock is integrated with Canvas, you won’t need a special login or password, but you will need to use the Google Chrome web browser and install the Honorlock Chrome Extension. Additionally, checkout Honorlock's How to Use Honorlock video!
No, Honorlock does not currently support mobile devices. You need a desktop or laptop computer to use Honorlock!

Check out Honorlock's Instructor Guide and How to Use for Instructors video.

If you're proctoring a test on an outside website like MyLabs or Cengage, you'll want to use Honorlock Universal!

When Honorlock is added and authorized by an instructor, their name is added to the database Honorlock uses to send communication blasts. You can easily unsubscribe from these marketing emails by scrolling to the bottom of an email and clicking the unsubscribe link.

Honorlock FAQs - Security & Privacy

Yes, Honorlock is FERPA compliant! LCC does not share student information such as enrollment or grade information with other parties. Data is secure and our agreement with Honorlock mandates that student information is not shared with third parties.
Proctored exams have been deemed an appropriate assessment tool to maintain integrity in assessing required student learning outcomes.
 Online proctoring supports academic integrity by verifying each student’s identity and ensuring honesty in academic work.

No, it’s up to the instructor of the course when and if they choose to use Honorlock with their exams. Details can be found in your course syllabus.

No, Honorlock will never sell your information. They’ll only share it with your educational institution.

Honorlock collects general information, such as your name, course number, exam name, and an image of your photo ID. The information is compared with your information in Canvas to verify your identity.

Student data is stored for 12 months. All data is encrypted and stored in Honorlock’s private cloud in an Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center. 

Only your instructor and LCC eLearning administrators can access Honorlock exam recordings. eLearning administrators will only view recordings if the instructor needs assistance or there’s an issue with the video.

If a test requires you to use Honorlock, you cannot opt out unless you have made prior arrangements with your instructor. While Honorlock is safe and does not spy on your network, there are extra steps you can take to feel more comfortable. You can uninstall the Honorlock Chrome extension after each test, create a separate Chrome profile to use with Honorlock, or check out a Chromebook from the Library so you don’t have to use your own device. Please see additional topics below to learn more!

Absolutely! You can uninstall the Honorlock Chrome extension immediately after submitting your exam

There are two options for getting a computer or webcam! Contact the Library at (360) 442-2668 or library.circulation@lowercolumbia.edu to reserve a Chromebook. The Library also has webcams available if you already have a computer. 

You can also visit the LCC WiFi Hot Spot on campus, located in the Student Center and open Monday - Friday from 10 am to 2 pm. The WiFi Hot Spot has computers with webcams. Masks are currently required on campus.

While the LCC WiFi Hot Spot isn’t guaranteed to be quiet, there are earplugs available and space for recommended physical distancing. 

Stable internet is available on campus at the WiFi Hot Spot or in select parking lots on campus. The WiFi Hot Spot is located in the Student Center and open Monday - Friday from 10 am to 2 pm.



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