Congratulations on your decision to get started at LCC!

  New, returning or transfer students: follow instructions below.

  Current and continuing students: see Registration Steps.

  Contact Advising and Entry Services in the Admissions Center, 360.442.2311, or Advising Team (listed below).

Pre-Start Considerations:

Do you have a high school diploma or GED?

Do you have credits from another institution?

Do you know your intended area of study?

Quick Start Steps:

Step 1: Apply for Admission

  • All Students seeking a degree or certificate must apply for admission to Lower Columbia College.

Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid

  • All Students are encouraged to apply for financial aid.

Step 3: Determine Math and English Placement

  • All Students seeking a degree or certificate will be placed at the correct level of Math and English. Note: this will be determined by Placement Testing results.

Step 4: Attend New Student Orientation

  • All Students are required to attend New Student Orientation. Note: you will be assigned to a required New Student Orientation session by Placement Testing staff.

Contact Advising Team

Advising and Entry Services located in the Admissions Center. Make an appointment to discuss your future by calling the Entry Center at 360.442.2311. Registration and Financial Aid counters open at 10 am on Fridays.

General Education Advising

  Ashley Bemm


  Traci Fuller


  Shalaina Williams


Health Careers Advising

  Leszek Cromwell


Advising and Testing Manager

  Chad Meadors


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