Make sure you stay on track by meeting with your faculty advisor every quarter.

Faculty advisors are program specific and assigned to students during their first quarter at LCC

Special instructions apply to current students new students, transfer students, or returning students (depending on how long you have been away.)

Instructions on how to meet with an advisor for:


If you are a current student you should meet with your faculty advisor before registering for classes each quarter, and any time you have questions about your educational progress.

Your faculty advisor will help you stay on track in your program of study, and assist you with other educational concerns.

Please make sure you know who your assigned faculty advisor is, and register during your scheduled registration time.

Find your Faculty Advisor:

Register during your assigned registration time:

  • Your registration time will be emailed to your student email.
  • Alternatively see Online Services and select 'Get my registration time'.

If you are a new or transfer student who has never attended LCC before, you will meet with the Entry Advisors and register for your first quarter classes during a New Student Orientation.

Your New Student Orientation will be scheduled after you have completed the Enrollment Steps listed at the link below.

If you are a returning student who has been away for less than two years, you may have to complete these Enrollment Steps:

If you are a returning student who has been away for more than two years, you may have to complete these Enrollment Steps:



Find Your  Faculty Advisor

Login to Canvas and locate 'Advisor' course

This course explains the options for contacting your facullty advisor.

If you do not see a faculty advisor assigned to you, please call (360) 442-2311 for assistance.

Contact Advising & Entry Services

Advising and Entry Services is conveniently located in the lobby of the Admissions Center. Make an appointment to discuss your future by visiting the Entry Center in person during regular business hours (M-F: 8 am - 5 pm), email, or call (360) 442-2311. Registration and Financial Aid counters open at 10 am on Fridays.

General Education Advising

 Traci Fuller

  (360) 442-2351

 Shalaina Williams

  (360) 442-2355

 Kristy Gutierrez

  (360) 442-2357

Health Careers Advising

 Leszek Cromwell

  (360) 442-2425

Interim Advising and Testing Manager

 Shalaina Williams

  (360) 442-2355

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