Disability Support Services (DSS) will coordinate alternate testing arrangements for students with a documented disability who have been approved for this academic adjustment by the DSS Coordinator.

The following procedure identifies the responsibilities of the student and DSS:

Responsibilities: Student

  1. Student must deliver the accommodations summary to each professor in a timely manner, unless other arrangements have been made. (See Appendix 21 Accommodations Summary Form).
  2. It is the student's responsibility to schedule their tests. Student must schedule his or her tests with the DSS Office at least three school days in advance or as soon as student is notified.  The DSS needs this time in order to get the test from the instructor and have a staff member available to proctor the test.
  3. Student must provide the following information to a DSS staff member when scheduling a test: date and time of the test, course title, professor's name, and type of adjustments needed. This information should be filled out on a Request to Schedule Test Form.
  4. A student will only be allowed the adjustments that the DSS Coordinator has approved.
  5. All tests scheduled in the DSS Office should be taken at the regularly scheduled class meeting time. In certain circumstances the student may be allowed to take the exam at a different time with approval from both the DSS Office and the professor.
  6. Student must agree not to disclose any test information to other students in the class or ask them to disclose information to him or her if the test is taken at an alternate time.
  7. Student must notify the DSS Office as soon as possible if it is necessary to change or cancel alternate testing arrangements.
  8. Student agrees to comply with posted testing rules.
  9. Students must report to the DSS Office on time for scheduled tests.  As in a classroom situation, tests are scheduled to end at a specific time and test times will not be extended when students report late. The DSS Office reserves the right to return examinations to the instructor if a student is more than 15 minutes late and other arrangements have not been made.

Responsibilities: DSS

  1. DSS will notify instructors by email regarding approved testing accommodations.
  2. DSS will provide the alternate testing arrangements in DSS testing rooms to qualified students if timely notice is given, (why we ask students to schedule 3 days in advanced).
  3. DSS cannot guarantee a private room for every test, so there may be times when a quiet room is shared.
  4. The DSS Office will maintain the highest possible level of academic integrity and follow the instructor's examination directions.
  5. The DSS staff will return the exam to the instructor or Main Test Proctoring in a timely manner.

DSS Testing Rules for Students

  1. Come ready to test. DSS will not allow study time in testing room.
  2. No textbooks, notebooks, calculators, or notes allowed unless your instructor has given DSS written or verbal approval prior to the beginning of the test.
  3. No coats, purses, backpacks, book bags, cell phones, pagers, or personal music devices allowed.
  4. If a break is needed, you must first ask permission. A DSS staff member may accompany you on the break.
  5. Students should not navigate away from testing page. No Facebook, YouTube or Google is allowed while in testing room.
  6. If you are caught cheating or do not comply with these posted rules, your testing session will be terminated, you will be asked to leave, and your test will be returned to your professor with an explanation as to why you were not allowed to complete it. Your professor may take disciplinary actions in accordance with College policy. The DSS Coordinator may file student code of conduct report for academic dishonesty.

The above responsibilities and rules have been explained to me, and I understand my responsibilities.

Contact Disability Support Services

Located in the Admissions Center, Room 143. Make an appointment by calling the Entry Center at 360.442.2311. Walk-ins welcome during regular business hours.

Main Office

TTY/Video Relay Service: 7-1-1 or 800.833.6388

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