Students with disabilities at Lower Columbia College may be eligible for parking accommodations for a reserved parking spot on the basis of their documented physical disability.

Students who request will be required to submit documentation to verify eligibility. Documentation of disability and related information will be kept confidential. The cost and responsibility for providing this documentation shall be borne by the individual. Three campus parking spaces are available through the Disability Support Services parking lottery, each space is available for the duration of the quarter it is won; signing the agreement below does not guarantee a space.

Student Responsibilities & Eligibility

  1. The student must provide proof that they have a handicapped parking permit.
  2. Students must submit requests quarterly by completing a Quarterly Request form with their schedule.
  3. The student must provide Disability Support Services Coordinator with documentation verifying the need for parking accommodation. Documentation may not be required of individuals with obvious physical disabilities.

Documentation Guidelines

  • Documentation should show current impact of the disability.The documentation you provide should be the most current available.
  • Only qualified diagnosticians may provide documentation. For a physical disability, a qualified diagnostician includes a physician or nurse practitioner.
  • The documentation must state a specific diagnosis that conforms to standard criteria as published in applicable diagnostic manuals such as DSM-V.
  • The documentation must be typed on letterhead stationery and be signed and dated by the qualified professional. Including their names, titles and professional credentials of the evaluators as well as the date of evaluation or testing.
  • Priority may be given to individuals with permanent disabilities when parking is limited.
  • Priority may be given to individuals with the greatest physical limitations when parking is limited.
  • Parking lottery is only granted for one quarter at a time so that other students can enter the following quarter.

The college retains the professional and legal right to determine the reasonableness of any recommended accommodation.

The above responsibilities have been explained to me, and I understand my responsibilities.

Contact Disability Support Services

Located in the Admissions Center, Room 143. Make an appointment by calling the Entry Center at 360.442.2311. Walk-ins welcome during regular business hours.

Main Office

TTY/Video Relay Service: 7-1-1 or 800.833.6388

  Shannon Vantrease, Coordinator


  Mary Kate Morgan, Director


Current Section 504 / ADA Coordinator

  Kendra Sprague, Vice President of Foundation, HR & Legal Affairs


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