Disability Support Services (DSS) may approve closed captioning as an accommodation for students. DSS will request faculty to use closed captioned materials.

However, there may be times where alternate accommodations will be implemented. For example, a transcript may be provided or the student may view outside of class with an interpreter.

The following identifies the responsibilities of the student and DSS if the student chooses to utilize closed captioning accommodation:

Responsibilities: Student

  1. Student will request the accommodation for classes a minimum of six weeks prior to the quarter. Student understands that accommodation requests made with less than six week notice may be difficult to fill. Student must notify DSS immediately of any changes to his or her class schedule.
  2. Students will need to pick up an Accommodation Summary each quarter from DSS to take to their instructors notifying them of the specific accommodations such as closed captioning and return signed to DSS.
  3. Student will notify DSS within a reasonable amount of time, preferably three weeks in advance, when requesting closed captioning is needed for events, appointments, or meetings outside of regularly scheduled class time.
  4. Student will utilize DSS Early Priority Registration, which is usually eight weeks prior to the start of the quarter.
  5. Student will notify DSS of any difficulty with closed captioning. 

Responsibilities: DSS

  1. DSS will send a letter of approved accommodations usually by email to the student.
  2. DSS will email faculty requesting the use of closed captioning for the appropriate Lower Columbia College classes. The DSS office will ask faculty to try and locate closed captioned versions of their educational materials.
  3. DSS will refer faculty to the campus library staff for assistance in searching for closed captioned version of their educational materials.
  4. DSS will place orders to an outside captioning agency when needed for the conversion of non-captioned materials to captioned formats.
  5. The DSS department will be financially responsible for the fee to convert to closed captioning. This process can take several weeks and is dependent upon when student turns in Quarterly Request and when instructors notify DSS that their materials are unavailable in a closed captioned version.

The above responsibilities have been explained to me, and I understand my responsibilities.

Contact Disability Support Services

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