Facts & Figures Reports (Fact Books)

Each Fall the Office of Effectiveness & College Relations publishes the Facts & Figures Report (Fact Book) to provide data on LCC students and the surrounding community.

A variety of topics are featured, including student enrollment and demographics, student progress and success, personnel, financial data, facilities/resources, LCC Foundation, and community demographics.

  LCC Facts & Figures Reports (Fact Books)

Public Records Contacts

Hours: M-TH 9 am - 4 pm, excluding legal holidays and other college closures.

Public Records Officer

  Nolan Wheeler, VP Administration

  Administration Building, Rm 203

  (360) 442-2200       Fax: (360) 442-2129


  Wendy Hall, VP Effectiveness & College Relations

  (360) 442-2491


  Angie Rogers, Senior Institutional Researcher

  (360) 442-2490

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