Lower Columbia College provides this information pursuant to the federal Student Right to Know Act so that prospective students can make informed decisions about colleges they might wish to attend.

Three of the required elements are Graduation Rate, Transfer-Out Rate, and Retention Rate. Cohort default rates are also included on this page.

This and other data elements are available to the general public on the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences (IES) College Navigator.

This report includes a relatively small number of students who are new to college and enroll for the first time in Fall quarter for the purpose of earning a degree. The graduation rate accounts for students who finish within 150% of "normal" completion time, or three years (two years being "normal").

However, in reality, most Lower Columbia College students take longer to complete a degree.

Graduation Rates of Full-Time, First-Time Degree/Certificate-Seeking Students

based on IPEDS 2013 cohort completing within 150% of normal time as of August 31, 2016.

Overall Graduation Rate: 38%

Graduation Rate by Gender: male graduation rate is 28% and female graduation rate is 48%

Graduation Rate by Race/Ethnicity:

Race/Ethnicity Grad Rate
American Indian or Alaska Native 0%
Asian 40%
Black or African American 0%
Hispanic/Latino 37%
Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander n/a
White 40%
Two or more races 20%
Race/ethnicity unknown 33%
Nonresident alien


Please note: "Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander" and "Nonresident alien" are "n/a" because no students in the cohort identified with that particular race/ethnicity.

 Graduation Rate by Financial Aid Award Group:

Financial Aid Award Group Grad Rate
Recipients of a Pell Grant 33%
Recipients of a Subsidized Stafford Loan that did not receive a Pell Grant 50%
Did not receive either a Pell Grant or Subsidized Stafford Loan 46%


Transfer-Out Rate of Full-Time, First-Time Degree/Certificate-Seeking Students

based on IPEDS 2013 cohort finishing within 150% of normal time as of August 31, 2016.

Overall Transfer-Out Rate: 15%


Retention Rates of First-Time Degree/Certificate-Seeking Students

based on IPEDS 2015 cohort returning to LCC the following fall (Fall 2016).

Retention Rate for full-time students: 55%

Retention Rate for part-time students: 26%


Cohort Default Rates

Fiscal Year Cohort Default Rate Rate
2015 23.3% (draft until official rate published in September 2018)
2014 20.6%
2013 23.6%
2012 25.4%
2011 24.7%


Data source for graduation, transfer-out, and retention rates: College Navigator, and Graduation Rates IPEDS report submitted to IPEDS.

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