Medical Assisting Program Prerequisite and Support Courses

Medical Assisting Program Prerequisite and Support Courses

The following courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher to be considered for admission to the Fall Quarter Medical Assisting Cohort:

  1. AH 114: Health Care Communication Skills, 2 credits, prerequisite: 
 ENGL 099 (or placement into ENGL& 101) or concurrent enrollment in I-BEST academic
 support or PSYC 200, 2 credits
  2. ENGL& 101: English Composition I, 5 credits or BUS 119: Business Communications, 5 credits
    1. Prerequisite: College level reading and writing skills or completion of ENGL 099, 5 credits, with a grade of C or better

You can be working on your prerequisites at the time of application.

For specific degree requirements click the above button. Select the 'Medical Assisting' tab, then click on the Degree Requirements for the degree or certificate you are interested in.

Taking Classes before Admission to a Fall Cohort

In addition to the prerequisites shown above, each of the following classes can be taken before admission to a cohort:

  1. AH 100: Bloodborne Pathogens, 1 credit
  2. MATH 105: Math for Health Sciences, 5 credits (or other MATH 100 or higher, 5 credits)
  3. MEDA 101: Medical Vocabulary I, 3 credits (strongly recommended) or
    BTEC 181: Medical Terminology I, 3 credits
  4. MEDA 102: Medical Vocabulary II, 3 credits (strongly recommended) or
    BTEC 182: Medical Terminology II, 3 credits
  5. MEDA 120: Survey of Human Anatomy & Physiology, 5 credits or
    BIOL 241: Human A&P 1, 5 credits and BIOL 242, Human A&P 2, 5 credits
  6. MEDA 122: Law & Ethics for the Medical Office, 3 credits
  7. BTEC 171/172/173 (This sequence must be started with 171 in the fall.)
    1. BTEC 171: Medical Reception Procedures, 3 credits
    2. BTEC 172: Medical Office Procedures, 3 credits
    3. BTEC 173: Computers in the Medical Office, 3 credits
  8. CS 110: Microcomputer Applications, 3 credits
  9. PSYC& 100: General Psychology, 5 credits or
    BUS 144: Management of Human Relations:DIV, 5 credits

If you plan to complete an AAS degree, there are additional requirements that may be completed before cohort admission:

  • Diversity course (5 credits)
  • Natural Sciences or Humanities course (5 credits)
  • ENGL& 102 (5 credits) or CMST& 220 (5 credits), ENGL& 101 is a prerequisite for ENGL& 102; BUS 119 does not count as a prerequisite
  • Electives (5 credits)

Contact Medical Assisting Program

We are located on the second floor of the Health & Science Building. Stop by during regular office hours, or call (360) 442-2860 to make an appointment. 

Healthcare Program Inquiries

  Bev Ylen, Health Programs Coordinator
  (360) 442-2860

Medical Assisting Program Inquiries

  Vicky Soladey, Program Director
  (360) 442-2878

Medical Assisting Program Advising

For initial advising contact the One Stop Center. For subsequent advising contact Vicky Soladey at

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