About Instructional Assessment

Faculty at Lower Columbia College have primary responsibility for the assessment of student learning outcomes.

This is important for compliance reasons (see more about compliance under "institutional accreditation" in this handbook), and because teaching and learning is what we do.

We have a collective responsibility to ensure that students are receiving a quality education--including the attainment of learning outcomes as defined by faculty.

There are three avenues of assessment at LCC:

Curriculum & Program Review

Curriculum and Program Review is all about assessment of student learning outcomes, and making improvements to courses and programs as a result of the assessment. Faculty have primary responsibility for Curriculum and Program Review at LCC.

Global Skills Assessment

Assessment of Global Skills, carried out through an annual Summer Assessment Institute for academic transfer programs and through program-specific assessment for professional/technical programs, looks at college-wide assessment of communication, critical thinking, quantitative literacy and teamwork. Faculty have primary responsibility for Assessment of Global Skills at LCC.

KPI Monitoring

KPI stands for "Key Performance Indicator." LCC has a number of KPIs that are defined by the LCC Board of Trustees. The work of monitoring our progress with our KPIs is done in part by our Monitoring Report Review Teams. There are five Monitoring Report Review Teams made up of faculty and staff that assist with annual data analysis and planning. Although many faculty are involved on these teams, administration has the primary responsibility for monitoring our KPIs.


Useful Links:

  • Learning Outcomes Assessment page on faculty-staff website (internal.lowercolumbia.edu/faculty-tools/assessment)
  • Global Skills page on faculty-staff website (internal.lowercolumbia.edu/faculty-tools/assessment/global-skills)
  • Strategic Plan page on LCC website contains more information on Key Performance Indicators and Monitoring Reports (lowercolumbia.edu/strategic-plan)
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