Institutional Excellence and Community Enrichment

Institutional Excellence and Community Enrichment

Objectives Key Performance Indicators
1. Demonstrate our commitment to institutional integrity by investing in our campus, students and employees.
  1. Employee satisfaction and morale
  2. Condition of infrastructure
  3. Employee demographics
  4. Employee sense of belonging
2. Uphold our reputation for high quality and contribute to the value of the community by promoting excellence in our programs, services and activities.
  1. External perceptions/ satisfaction with LCC


Strategic Initiative: Restructure our operating budget and systems to promote long-term viability, sustainability, and equity.

Planning Category Annual Priorities
  • Continue to develop strategies to increase employee satisfaction and engagement, and reduce employee turnover.
  • Create new professional development opportunities for faculty and staff related to onboarding, budget management, and resources and support.
  • Continue to develop strategies to recruit and retain Early Childhood professionals in ELC and Head Start.
  • Continue to expand recruitment efforts to reach underrepresented employee populations and continually assess hiring practices to ensure an inclusive and equitable process.
  • Continue to analyze and reform the scholarship process to reduce equity gaps.
  • Integrate Diversity and Equity Institutional Plan.
  • Increase multicultural representation in public art on campus.
  • Plan and implement deliverables identified in E2SSB 5227, Diversity in Higher Education, and E2SSB 5194, Equity and Access in Higher Education.
  • Develop a comprehensive campus internationalization plan including international student support, faculty and staff development opportunities, student study abroad, and cross-cultural competency training.
  • Continue fundraising efforts for Heerensberger Field at Tam O’ Shanter and add turf infield on fields 1 and 2.
  • Develop plans for improvements at the baseball field and softball batting cage.
  • Evaluate space needs of the Head Start/ECEAP program.
  • Maintain and promote sufficient revenues and reserves to provide sustainability for the College, particularly in light of the pandemic and subsequent enrollment declines.
  • Develop a system and on demand reports for budget managers to track and monitor budgets, including federal grants.
  • Establish an annual calendar for safety activities for compliance and employee education.
  • Maintain remote work technology systems.
  • Simplify technology access for students by expanding our single sign-on capabilities.
  • Update our technology plan to include a replacement plan and secure sustainable funding.
  • Address audio/visual equipment issues in classrooms.
  • Explore technology innovations such as cloud desktops.
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