Preparation for College Level Studies

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Preparation for College Level Studies

Objectives Key Performance Indicators
1. Ensure that students who are under-prepared for college level studies have access to developmental coursework and bridge opportunities to college level work.

a. Basic skills achievement
b. Preparation of incoming students
c. Academic performance of developmental education students


Strategic Initiative: Redesign our certificate and degree pathways and associated supports, addressing identified equity gaps, in order to maximize student achievement and learning.

Planning Category Annual Priorities
  • Implement Basic Skills and Precollege integration as part of Guided Pathways.
  • Expand I-BEST offerings.
  • Increase the proportion of students transitioning from Basic Education for Adults to college level studies.
  • Analyze Transitional Studies' needs for the new vocational building.
Student & Community Engagement
  • Assess students’ knowledge of technology prior to the start of each quarter and  provide resources as needed. 
  • Continue to expand technology access for Transitional Studies and other students.
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