Academic Transfer

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Academic Transfer

Objectives Key Performance Indicators
1. Offer courses and support for students to meet the requirements for transfer from Lower Columbia College.

a. Student performance.
b. Transfer readiness.
c. Demonstration of General Education Outcomes
d. College level math and English in first year

2. Provide the support for transfer students to successfully transition to upper division college and university programs. e. Completion and academic transfer rate.
f. Success after completion/transfer


Strategic Initiative: Redesign our certificate and degree pathways and associated supports, addressing identified equity gaps, in order to maximize student achievement and learning.

Planning Category Annual Priorities
  • Continue to implement Guided Pathways workplan.
  • Implement pre-nursing associate degree pathway.
  • Analyze and apply lessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic to instructional delivery methods and schedules to promote flexibility and support student success.
  • Utilize Curriculum & Program Review process to reduce equity gaps in academic transfer programs.
  • Finish renovating the Learning Commons.
Student & Community Engagement
  • Strengthen recruiting and enrollment efforts, including promotion of opportunities available through the University Center.
  • Maintain remote learning technology systems.
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